Sunday, April 5, 2009

Melbourne - The Windy City

Chicago may be known as the Windy City, but I think Melbourne has got it beat. The wind does get to you an a damp winter morning, but during the summer, there's nothing more fun than flying a kite. As they say, when given lemons, it's time for some lemonade.

So there we were on another stunning (please rain!) Melbourne afternoon. Warm, low humidity, and a stiff breeze blowing. I pulled the kite out of the shed, put it together, and the boys and I ran over to the field.

Ready for takeoff
Ready for the launch

It took just a light launch from the three boys, and that big delta was pulling at the line. It was climbing faster that I could let the line out. Like a big V8, it was ready and willing, climbing up higher and higher. I could have run all of my line out, but the thought of having to reel it all back in put a stop to that. In the warm breeze, looking at the kite fly, I was instantly transported back in time to my high school in Penang, where we often try to fly our cheap rice-paper kites or catch a fish with the spark-plug lures!

The boys all had a turn and had a blast. A couple weeks earlier, we were flying our smaller delta, and the wind actually snapped one of the frames! It's still on my to-do to get a replacement dowel fitted out.

Way up high
Hang on tight fellas

We've bought all of our kites from an aptly named store in Boulder, Colorado - Into The Wind. They're located in the Pearl St tourist trap - I mean shopping area, where you can walk around an incredible number of unique shops (ever wonder if wearing a fleece vest is a prerequisite to entering the Pearl St area?) They do have a website. I have to look for a kite store here in Melbourne, as I'm thinking about getting a stunt kite.

So there we were, just some nylon and fiber glass, without a care in the world, flying our kite. Can't you almost imagine Mr Banks out there somewhere, singing out "Let's go fly a kite"?

Hang on tight
Send it Soaring!