Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Melbourne Museum

The biggest museum in the southern hemisphere, the Melbourne Museum is located in the Carlton Gardens. A lovely stroll through the gardens is a great way to start the morning.

Carlton Gardens

Melbourne Museum

The museum has a striking and contemporary look with lots of glass and steel. It certainly sets a different tone from the more formal look of its neighbor, the Royal Exhibition Hall.

Glass and Steel

Royal Exhibition hall

A favorite among our kids are displays of dinosaurs. The Melbourne Museum does not disappoint here.

Run away!

Can you pass the Grey Poupon?

We find the museum very kid friendly, and there are many interactive displays. There are also heaps of animal, insect, and other creepy crawly displays that will certainly keep their attention.

First time I've seen the queue to the men's loo this long

Mom, look out, it's a giant insect!

The redback spider packs a heck of a venom, and is often found in populated areas (immortalized by Slim Newton's Redback on the Toilet Seat). The female also tends to eat the male up after mating. Hmm...

I'm glad they're behind glass

Though born and bred in New Zealand, Phar Lap is Australia's most beloved race horse. Everyone walking pass the display did so in a reverent manner. A true chestnut lightning.

Ready for another win at the Melbourne Cup

The early trams moved by gripping a moving cable that was under the road. It took some skill for the drivers to grip and release the cable at the right spots using a clutch mechanism so that the tram would head down the correct set of tracks.

2-hour zone 1 please...

The Melbourne Museum has a lovely forest display that is just refreshing to walk through. The Lorax would be pleased.

Lovely and refreshing

Surrounding the museum are several quiet gardens, perfect for some quiet time reflecting, or just catching your breath.

Quiet gardens

For more information, check out their website. The museum also has an IMAX theater which has a variety of shows. Our kids say they can't wait for Transformers to start screening there.

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