Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries (DCA)

I'll be honest, I got hungry just thinking about this post.

Started in Arlington, Virginia, Five Guys is now a growing chain along the east coast of the United States. The beef patties are hand formed and cooked to order. Cheese and bacon are extra and you have a list of toppings to chose from. The fries that are cooked in peanut oil are incredibly good.

Menu from their website

I usually have my burger simply with cheese, lettuce, and fried onions. Your burger and fries will be served in a brown paper bag, which is usually stuffed full with fries. You might want to just go with the regular order of fries, unless you're really starved. I have not tried the kosher dogs but have been told they are just as good.

I would write some more but I gotta go get me a burger and some fries!

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