Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DC Ducks

Guided tours are a great way to see a city and to learn about it. One of the most unusual ways to see a bit of DC is to take the DC Ducks tour. The DC Duck is an amphibious vehicle that tours some of the streets in DC, and then desends into the Potomac River for a different view of the city.

The Duck is an fully refurbished World War II personnel carrier known as the DUKW. The DUKW's can now be found in several cities and countries operating as tour vehicles. DC Ducks has several in their fleet, each with cute names like Sitting Duck, or Capitol Duck.

From Union Station, the Ducks head to the mall past famous monuments and several Smithsonian Museums. The Duck then heads for Gravelly Point where it heads onto the Potomac River. At this point, you are directly beneath the flight path of planes about to land at National Airport. It's a great view!

The witty captains entertain the guests with anecdotes, historical facts and corny but funny jokes! Ducks depart hourly from Union Station for their 90 minute tour.

Click on these pictures from the DC Ducks webpage to get you to their site. They don't take reservations, so either book online, or show up early at Union Station.

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